Write For Right To Write Fearlessly

Write For Right To Write Fearlessly

We’re a group of indie authors and readers who came together to bring together other authors and Beta readers. We are dedicated to improving the craft of every writer and giving Betas the best manuscripts out there. So, join us today and start getting connected with the best Beta readers you’ll ever meet.

We strive to support one another while providing each other a valuable service. With each other, we will improve our writing, and we will enjoy reading and critiquing every authors work.




Friend & Foe


About Us

Our Mission

 Our mission is to provide a gathering place for authors and readers to meet one another and help each other out. It’s a simple philosophy and one that will keep us moving forward every day.

Join Today

Monthly Prizes

Every month we award a manuscript, as decided by the Beta readers, a $100 and a uniquely designed eBook cover. There are also prizes for the Beta readers.

Read That Story

As a Beta reader, you will have access to talented indie authors and their books. Be one of the first to read an unpublished work and know that your suggestions will affect the story itself.


Your manuscripts are safe with us. Our Betas are voracious readers and will give invaluable feedback.

Check out our author’s published books.


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